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ZeFilter Adapter Set
ZeFilter Adapter Set
ZeFilter Adapter Set
ZeFilter Adapter Set
ZeFilter Adapter Set

ZeFilter Adapter Set

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With the ZeFilter Adapter Set you have the possibility to use all your filters on all your lenses.

The ZeFilter Adapter Set consists of 17 adapter rings that can be combined in any way you like, allowing you to use any filter (no matter what filter diameter) on any lens (no matter what thread diameter). So with our adapter set you always need only one filter and can use it on all cameras/lenses.

The following 17 filters - adapter rings are included in the set:

  • 52mm - 49mm
  • 55mm - 52mm
  • 58mm - 55mm
  • 62mm - 58mm
  • 67mm - 62mm
  • 72mm - 67mm
  • 77mm - 72mm
  • 82mm - 77mm
  • 77mm - 82mm
  • 72mm - 77mm
  • 67mm - 72mm
  • 62mm - 67mm
  • 58mm - 62mm
  • 55mm - 58mm
  • 52mm - 55mm
  • 49mm - 52mm
  • 37mm - 49mm

  • Create extraordinary photos and videos without always having to carry an extra filter for each lens! And with our ZeFilter Smartphone Clip, you can even use your favorite filters with your smartphone!

    • High-quality workmanship for professional use
    • Arbitrary combination of the individual adapter rings
    • Compatible with all popular filters and cameras

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