About us

Welcome to ZeMove.

Here you can get UNIQUE and BREATHTAKING products in the scope of photography, which make the life of both amateur and professional photographers easier. Instead of filling our shop with countless standard products, we decided to focus on unique products.

When we founded our shop in July 2017, the name ZeMove was created by our first product. Our ZeMove Universal tripod head. The "Ze" because of its Z-shape and the "Move" because of its portability. Since then we have been constantly expanding our range of products. The former product name became our current shop name.

Many photographers are already enthusiastic, support our project and be the following.


Brillanter Stativkopf

Brillanter Stativkopf 📷 <3 Schau dir das Video an! Hier verfügbar ➡️ https://zemove.de/ze Hier verfügbar ➡️ https://zemove.de/ze 50% Reduziert 🔥 Like Tag & Share

Posted by ZeMove on Sonntag, 2. Juli 2017